Social Services

The Social Services Department provides a wide range of services that address the health, financial and emotional needs of all housing authority residents and program participants. These services help maintain independence, promote family self-sufficiency and improve the overall quality of life. The department also provides social services to senior citizens living in other buildings outside of the Housing Authority through partnerships with the Wharton Senior Housing Complex and the Dover Housing Authorities. We also provide social service assistance to participants of the Family Self-Sufficiency and Housing Choice Voucher Home Ownership Programs.

The Social Service Program provides:

  • Case Management Services
  • Family Self Sufficiency Program
  • Holiday drives
  • Community service opportunities
  • Collaborative efforts with other organizations
  • Recreational/Educational and Health Programs
  • Housekeeping Services for Senior Citizens
  • Assistance with applications for entitlement programs
  • Weekend Meal Program at the Dean A. Gallo Congregate Facility
  • Information and Referral Services
  • Preparation for Home Ownership opportunities